High School Stats Helper

I published my first Android app (“High School Stats Helper“) on the Google Play Store today. The app will have at least 30 stats functions when it is completed; this version has four. The ETA for the first update is September 1. I plan on developing the iOS version during my break next summer.

The app serves two purposes:

  • Give my statistics students a free tool for checking their work.
  • Give my Math Support students a model of what I expect them to produce for their end-of-semester project.


My name is Wonhee Jung and I am a math teacher at Oscar De La Hoya Ánimo Charter High School.

I am also the faculty adviser and Kiwanis-member sponsor of the school’s Key Club.

If you’re one of my students, you can watch lessons on my YouTube channel Math with Joy. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest notes, assignments, and deadlines by signing into Google Classroom.

My current hobby is app development using JavaScript. I will be sharing some of my latest projects on GitHub.

My other hobby is playing classical guitar. I hope to record and upload new videos during the summer.

Learn math. Have fun.